Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pichones a la Toledana

Sunday, 28th August 2012
Aromatic Pigeons - Sainsbury's Cooking of Spain p72.
Luckily the butcher had exactly 2 pigeons left, because this would have been much less exciting with chicken!
The birds are halved, browned all over in oil and then braised with onions, herbs and whole garlic cloves, in dry sherry with a dash of sherry vinegar. The recipe says cook for an hour and to allow the liquid to evaporate at the end, but these were cooked for at least 90 minutes without any problem, and I kept a lot of the liquid because we like our posh gravy.
I served them with proper, double-fried chips, and sliced baked aubergine.
Absolutely delicious!

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