Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pasta with bacon and tomato

Sunday, 3rd February 2013
Back from a weekend in Heidelberg we hadn't the energy to go out to eat, so I made pasta with what I could find in the fridge.
I browned some bacon very thinly sliced from a large piece, then added finely chopped onion and garlic and allowed them to soften. Then added quartered cherry tomatoes and cooked for 5 minutes, then lots of cream and allowed it to heat through. Seasoned with black pepper and a very small amount of nutmeg and ground chili. Garnished with some slices of tomato. Absolutely delicious!

Chili con carne

Thursday, 31st January 2013
I haven't cooked a chili for a while (a few days more than a year it seems) but boy was this good. Rich and flavourful with just enough heat. This was the second portion, two days after the original cooking, and definitely even better than the first. I really ate far too much of it.

Pork Chops with Mushrooms

Sunday, 13th January 2013
Based on a Delia recipe, without wild mushrooms, just what I could get at the supermarket. Unfortunately this didn't come out so well. The sauce was very lemony and had way to much crème fraîche, which overpowered the meat juices. My chops were certainly thick and meaty but came out rather dry - I think I should have used a cut of meat with more fat in it.