Monday, August 26, 2013

Morning Sex and Keep the Doctor Away

Morning Sex (X-Rated Cocktails p154) was 3oz Rum, 1oz Lemon Juice, 1oz Orange Juice, 1/2oz Grenadine and 1/2 Orange Curacao (makes enough for two), shaken and poured into a glass with a sugared rim. Very nicely sweet and fruity with still plenty of alcoholic kick.
Keep the Doctor Away (consumed while watching a couple of Doctor Who episodes) had to be made without the apple, as I didn't have one. And I had to substitute Campari and a little Orange Liqueur for Aperol, so it was rather more bitter and orangey than intended. I like Campari a lot, but it does tend to dominate. Still a lovely after dinner drink and a beautiful colour.

Iberico Pork Cutlets

Sunday, 25th August 2013
Once again, season the cutlets well, then fry them for one minute each side in a very hot pan and finish for 10 minutes in the oven at 150°. Then allow to rest for 5 minutes. The cutlets came out very tender and juicy but could still have been a little pinker in the middle. I put a little thick balsamico on them before serving, which worked very well.
For the sauce I softened a large, thickly sliced onion and a crushed clove of garlic in lots of oil for 15 minutes, on a low heat, until it started to go brown. Then added a little white wine, and a large quantity of roughly chopped tomatoes from the balcony. Theses were Orange Banana, White Peach, Mini Red Pear, and Black Krim tomatoes. I added some more oil at this point too, and plenty of seasoning, and let it continue to bubble gently while the meat and pasta cooked. It came out just as I hoped, rich, oily and slightly sweet from the caramelized onions and tomatoes, with chunks of tomato still present.

Swordfish Steak

Wednesday, 21st August 2013
Simply pan-fried briefly with lots of crushed white pepper and some lime juice. The tomatoes were grown on the terrace and these "orange banana" ones were particularly good.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pasta with Shrimps and Tomatoes

Monday, 12th August 2013
Brown onions and garlic slightly then add some white wine. Increase the heat and add halved cherry tomatoes and prawns. Season well, with salt, pepper and a little chilli. Sizzle until cooked then add a little of the pasta water before pouring over the drained pasta.
The skins of the tomatoes (from the balcony) were a little tough, but otherwise very tasty.

Pan Fried Chicken Breast

Friday, 9th August 2013
The chicken breast was over 300g and way too big really. I fried it simply with lemon juice and plenty of black pepper and it came out very nicely. The pasta was tossed with oil and garlic, which I had to do twice, because I burnt the first lot.

Burger and Chips

Thursday, 8th August 2013
Not sure if a burger should be a work of art, but it probably should look better than this. I managed to burn it a little, by not paying attention, but it tasted fine and was still juicy and a little pink in the middle.

Roast Chicken

Saturday, 27th July
I've lost my touch with roasting chickens and this was no exception. I put a lemon in the cavity and used a honey and lemon glaze, but it was actually a bit dry and not really very flavourful. Two excellent salads made my Monika though. Peppers and onions in one and mango and seeds in the other.