Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chicken Soup

Wednesday, 9th February
Chicken Soup (again) - I have a cold (again), so had another go at the chicken soup.  This time copying the approach of my girlfriend.  Bung some chicken in a pot with water, seasoning and a stock cube, cook for 40 minutes.  Add veggies, cook for 20 minutes more.  When it's done shred some of the chicken into a soup bowl and ladle over broth and vegetables.  Delicious.  Much better than the fancy concoction I tried last time.  I put in way to much water, so I took some out near the end.  Now I have enough chicken stock for a couple of dinners and still a big portion of soup left over.

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  1. And it looks lovely in the dish and with the bread! Just like it should. :D