Monday, January 2, 2012

Rolled and stuffed veal escalopes

Thursday, 24th November 2011
Home Book of Italian Cookery p120. Served with spaghetti and sliced, sautéed "Kräuterseitling".
The escalopes are flattened, stuffed with a mix of bacon, herbs and parmesan and rolled. Then browned on all sides and cooked for 30 minutes in wine and stock.
No matter how hard I tried to flatten the veal escalopes they just kept pulling themselves back to their original size and thickness, so they were difficult to roll. Also, I didn't have any suitable string so I had to try and secure the rolls with cocktail sticks, which was less than successful. And they came out tough and dry after cooking.
The flavours were good but, unfortunately, the meat was barely chewable. Nice pasta and mushrooms though.

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