Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chili con carne

Tuesday, 27th September
Haven't cooked this for ages, although I can't think why, as it is an old favourite. This week I have a cold and I was hoping this would burn some of it away.
I have my own way of making chili, which is a hybrid of other recipes I have read over the years. I like it spicy but not too hot, because I think that just kills the other flavours.
Brown onions and garlic and then add beef mince and cook until it is well browned. Then drain off all the fat from the pan (very important!)
Then add paprika and cook for another couple of minutes, so the paprika toasts a little. Then add cumin, red chili (in my case, from the balcony!), salt and pepper, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree and a little water. Cook for as long as possible on a low heat, adding a little more water if necessary. I favour at least an hour's cooking time.
Meanwhile drain and rinse kidney beans of that horrible muck in the tin, and let them soak in worcester sauce. About 30 minutes before serving bung in the beans with the worcester. Right before serving add 1 small knob of good, dark chocolate and let it melt in. Serve with rice and sour cream.
Delicious! But sadly it didn't help my cold.

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