Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pork Fillet with Green Peppercorn Sauce

Sunday, 1st February 2015
Standard approach for the filet. Brown all over in a hot pan with a little lard, transfer the whole pan to a medium oven for 5 or 6 minutes, then allow the meat to rest for 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile fry a chopped shallot gently in butter, then add crushed peppercorns and brandy and reduce. Then add stock and reduce again. Then add cream and cook without boiling until the required thickness is reached.
Cook potatoes in their skins, cool and peel. Lightly fry them whole in a little oil with rosemary and salt.
Slice the meat and serve with the sauce poured over.
A lovely combination, although another spoonful of peppercorns and a bit more thickening of the sauce would have been even better.

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