Monday, June 10, 2013

A Weekend in Cocktails

My partner and I have just returned from visiting and old friend in Boston and benefitted from his newly rediscovered enthusiasm for making cocktails, We also visited several excellent bars where they made them for us.
In a few short days we covered the Citizen, Eastern Standard, Drink and Green Street. All excellent and, although Drink would get my vote for idiosyncrasy (no menu, just tell them what kind of drink you want), Green street was my favourite as a place to go for an evening.
Including the cocktails whipped up at home, I counted 19 different ones for myself, so I guess that's probably 60 different cocktails we had between the four of us in that time.
Perhaps even more dangerously for my liver and my wallet, the trip rekindled my own interest in making cocktails at home, so I've been looking at what I can do with what I have, and what I need to bring the drinks cabinet back up to standard.
With what bottles I have and the help of the excellent Cocktail Virgin blog, I was able to concoct these three and one other (with no picture).
First was Theresa No 4., a nice balance of sweet and bitter, alcohol and refreshment. I had that one on my own on Thursday (bad habit!).
On Friday, my partner and I enjoyed a Veritas cocktail, quite limey (good for me), and again a lovely combination of flavours without the cassis overpowering everything.
After a Saturday evening out with a fair bit of wine, we sat on the balcony into the small hours and had a Toto, (no photo) very alcoholic but totally delicious.
And on Sunday we had variation on a Ménage à trois, to which I added a little chocolate spirit and some grated chocolate. Nice, but this was the least satisfying of the four for me, with not much flavour coming through the cream, I felt.

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