Thursday, June 20, 2013

More cocktails

We started the week off by adding a few more ingredients to the cocktail cabinet. One trip to the local specialist Rum shop Rum Kontor, which carries a lot of other high-class spirits as well. Then another to the supermarket to fill in some gaps. Still lots of things left to get, such as Creme de Cacao, Sweet Vermouth, Pastis and Arrack.
In the spirit of experimentation, we tried a grappa-based Chocolate Truffle Martini, substituting chocolate liqueur for the creme de cacao. Nice and chocolately, but not entirely successful as the powerful grappa came through very strongly.
Later in the week I relaxed after a long day with a Bennett, very nice indeed but a little too much syrup. I would have preferred more of the lime. Looking forward to trying some of the others on that page, especially the Debutante.
After the weather got a little hot and sticky I enjoyed a Witchy Woman. I like campari a lot, but the rum got lost somehow.
And the next day a Cold Blooded Fashion, which was an excellent way to enjoy the special flavour of Geneva. However, I need to get a proper measure, since I just based all the proportions on the amount of juice I got from squeezing one orange... so that meant I had a heck of a lot of Geneva.
Nevertheless, my lesson of the week was - go easy on the syrup.

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