Friday, June 28, 2013

Two classics and one inspired by.

Starting with the "inspired by..", the Battle of New Orleans. I didn't have Peychaud's so I substituted Spanish Bitters, hence my version doesn't have the same red colour. Still, as the man says, a "pretty agreeable companion". I enjoyed the way the different flavours of lemon, bitter, Bourbon and Anisette were all distinguishable.

Then a Dry Martini, long one of my favourite cocktails. Nothing unexpected here - a very little Noilly Prat vermouth and quite a lot of The Botanist gin. Stirred with ice and garnished with a single olive. The Botanist is an artisanal gin from Islay, made with 9 classic botanicals and a further 22 from the Islay itself. It is indeed a very enjoyable gin and makes a great Martini.

Then a Perfect Manhattan, made with 2oz Rye, 1/2oz Dry Vermouth and 1/2oz Sweet Vermouth. As I'm no fan of maraschino cherries, I decided for a twist of lemon. I've been unable to find any Sweet Vermouth in Köln apart from Martini Rosso, which I don't really want. But in Rum Kontor they do have Carpano Antico, which is an older style of vermouth with a more rich and complex taste. It certainly did make for an excellent Manhattan and I'm looking forward to trying it in a Negroni.

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